Free workshop: AI in manufacturing

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If you were waiting for a propper opportunity to solve your manufacturing problems with the help of AI, this is your sign!



This 4-hour free workshop works as a consultation with an individual and fast outcome. Together with our delegated and experienced team, you will discuss the internal processes you want to improve. This workshop is intended for manufacturing companies of any industry: pharmaceutical, food packaging, wood, furniture, etc.




We will discuss and solve the following (and many other, depending on your needs) questions:


  • What challenge (problem) do you have at the moment?
  • How big is the problem?
  • Is it a critical process?
  • How much are you willing to spend to solve this problem?
  • How are you solving this problem right now?
  • Why did you start thinking about an AI solution?
  • Solution goal (business goal)?


After the situation analysis, if necessary, we will propose a solution from our previous case studies (visual quality inspectionPPE detection, manual cycle analytics and more) or model a completely new, individual AI-based system.





Acceleration of production processes

Production quality inspection

Ensuring workplace safety

Time and cost savings

Making work easier for employees

The list of values is endless, because we are determined to find a solution to any issue You are facing!

Who with?


Simas Jokubauskas

Product development

Rytis Augustauskas, PhD

Technology development


Gediminas Mickus

Sales development

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Registration is available until September 15th

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