Visual Quality Inspection

Visual Quality Inspection

EasyFlow platform is a cost-efficient way to introduce automated Computer Vision quality control solutions on the production line.

With the ever increasing need of efficiency, production costs reduction and steadfast quality control ensurance, automation in manufacturing processes becomes inevitable. 


At Easyflow, we are focused on creating cutting-edge artificial intelligence quality control systems to support your daily processes and address the challenges on your way to industry 4.0. 

Why us?



We have one of the best AI specialists in Lithuania – the team consists the PhD technical lead and data scientists that have won scholarships for scientific research in the AI field



Entire area is divided into regions, not leaving a single millimeter of material unreviewed, which leads to 99% inspection accuracy



The system is capable of performing quality inspection on various materials and surfaces like wood, textile, plastic, glass, metal and more



Quality inspection is performed in ~2 seconds, versus 60 seconds when inspected by humans



We belong to the Lithuanian Engineering and Technology Industry Association and operate in more than 10 European countries

Do better in an easy way

Manual quality inspection accuracy

80%Employees are affected by various environmental factors, such as fatigue, which reduces quality inspection accuracy

Automated quality inspection

96%Our AI-based quality inspection models exceed 96 percent accuracy

Our quality inspection software has a transformative value for manufacturers. Its killer feature - ability to support multitude designs with little-to-none extra effort - provides tremendous ROI for the end clients

Gediminas Mickus, Business Development Manager
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A unique quality inspection platform created by one of the most competent data scientists in Lithuania can recognize various material defects. Due to its full adaptability, our visual quality inspection platform can be applied in any manufacturing area.

We have experience in such complex and quality-intensive areas as implant production, car seat defect detection, and others. Using nothing more than the visual data of your production line, Easyflow visual intelligence quality control software can support your manufacturing processes along the production line.

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How It Works

We take pride in the simplicity and efficiency of the system that frees up your employees, saves costs and ensures your brand reputation due to excellent quality control practices.


All of this possible with Easyflow artificial intelligence visual quality control software. 

works with any video monitoring hardware and software

non-intrusive installation - does not require any changes to your production lines

our experts carefully analyze your needs and asses the situation to offer optimal methods

custom algorithms are created and employed on to the system alerts and reports are custom made to best fit your needs and way of work

Fit for Your Manufacturing Workflow

Computer vision framework can be adapted to support inspection at various stages of production, as well as universally support processes in multiple industries. This is just a few examples where our technologies help to ensure quality control.


glass botle quality inspection

Food packaging

machine learning in pharma inudustry


raw material quality control


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