Automated Aerial Inspection

Automated Aerial Inspection

The most efficient way to inspect infrastructure at scale

EasyFlow automated aerial inspection software combines the ease of access of UAVs with AI-powered video data analysis.


Drones are unbeaten in gathering data from remote, difficult to reach, or hazardous areas, also performing such tasks in a cost-effective manner.


EasyFlow AI analytics automates the analysis of UAV footage. With Easyflow analytics software, vast amounts of data can be analyzed by precise, fully customizable, and completely automated AI tools bringing unparalleled efficiency into your inspection pipeline.


Works with any UAV, drone, or other airborne machine

Works with any video, photo and LiDar data

Fully customizable to fit any infrastructure

Perfect for large scale missions with vast amounts of data

Easy to use Easyflow dashboard with custom reports

Automated aerial inspection has already become a standard practice for powerline inspection and regular maintenance. However, it can be employed to analyze, assess and monitor the state of any other infrastructure.

When should you choose automated inspection? 



Expand your team capabilities beyond regular manned crew inspections. Easyflow AI-based automated aerial inspection allows you to gather data for any purpose, and focus your team efforts on problem-solving. 



  1. Perform periodic inspections faster and at a larger scale
  2. Identify damages and defects on the infrastructure with precise automated algorithms
  3. Have detailed maps of your infrastructure prepared to plan renovation tasks
  4. Evaluate the surroundings and potential risks completely remotely
  5. Plan vegetation management activities at scale from your desk
  6. React quickly after natural disasters or extreme weather phenomenon

Power lines

Solar plants

Wind turbines

Oil & gas platforms






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