Smart Protective Gear Detection

AI-Powered PPE Detection Solutions

AI-driven PPE detection technology uses deep-learning algorithms to automatically spot and notify about any safety gear violations, helping you keep your workforce safe and comply with safety rules.

Unlocking the Power of Technology

Why Choose AI-PPE Detection?

AI-powered PPE compliance technology utilizes state-of-the-art algorithms, video analytics, and computer vision to ensure:

Ensure Compliance
With AI-driven PPE detection, easily verify if employees wear required safety gear, reducing accident risks and liabilities.
Enhance Workplace Safety
Promptly identifying non-compliance enables corrective actions, enhancing overall workplace safety.
Streamline Inspections
Automated detection saves time and resources while maintaining consistent safety standards.
Customizable Solutions
Tailored personal protective equipment detection ensures seamless integration into specific safety protocols.

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Ready to Elevate Workplace Safety with Our Proven Expertise?

At EasyFlow, we have hands-on experience developing and providing our cutting-edge PPE Detection and MLOps services to innovative companies like Ignitis Group. Embrace our advanced technology, trusted by leading industry players, to ensure enhanced safety in your high-risk environment.

Industries Benefiting from AI-PPE Detection

Our technology suits various industries, factory workers monitoring to medical staff in hospitals.

Constructions PPE detection EasyFlow


Real-time safety equipment recognition ensures compliance on construction sites, minimizing hazards and accidents.

Manufacture PPE detection EasyFlow


AI enhances safety in manufacturing facilities by accurately detecting PPE usage.

Healthcare PPE detection EasyFlow


Save lives of healthcare professionals with reliable safety gear detection, ensuring infection control compliance.

Oil Gas PPE detection EasyFlow

Oil & Gas

Automated AI inspections improve safety in the industry, enforcing guidelines for PPE usage.

PPE Detection at the Cogeneration Power Plant: Case Study

PPE Detection at the Cogeneration Power Plant_ Ignitis Case Study

Our PPE Detection Workflow

Our PPE detection workflow utilizes advanced AI algorithms, seamless camera integration, and instant notifications for enhanced safety in high-risk environments.

Easyflow PPE detection workflow

Camera Integration

Seamless integration with existing cameras enables real-time monitoring.

AI Analysis

Advanced AI algorithms analyze footage to identify individuals and detect required protective gear.

Alerts and Reporting

The system generates alerts for non-compliance, allowing prompt corrective actions.

PPE Detection FAQ

Explore answers to frequently asked questions about Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) detection systems, covering topics like functionality, compatibility, and implementation.

Experience the Future of Workplace Safety

Elevate workplace safety standards and comply with safety laws effortlessly.

Contact our COO Vėjūnė to embrace our AI-driven PPE detection technology and take a proactive approach to protect your workers.

Vejune Krasinskiene COO EasyFlow

Vėjūnė Krašinskienė
Chief Operating Officer

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