Automating Self-Checkout Efficiency

Picklist Assistant

EasyFlow Picklist Assistant is an AI-powered software that automates the selection of unwrapped products at self-checkout counters. The platform uses video feed from the self-checkout POS platform to automatically identify the scanned product, without the need for customers to manually browse the selection menu. This makes self-checkout faster, easier, and more convenient for customers, and it also helps to prevent checkout fraud.

Maximize Efficiency

Benefits of Picklist Assistant

Discover how Picklist Assistant by EasyFlow boosts efficiency at self-checkout counters, providing a seamless shopping experience while preventing checkout fraud.

Improved Customer Experience
Shoppers enjoy a hassle-free checkout process as unwrapped items are automatically recognized upon placement on the counter.
Reduced Check-out Time
With automatic selection, checkout times are significantly reduced, benefiting 65% of shopping carts that include at least one unwrapped product.
Less Manual Supervision
Increase operational efficiency as more check-out transactions can be completed without the need for constant employee assistance.
Prevention of Check-out Losses
Minimize the risk of accidental item mis-scanning or checkout fraud with EasyFlow’s cutting-edge solution.

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Experience Smoother Self-Checkouts with Picklist Assistant!

Don’t miss out on an efficient and secure shopping experience – Try Picklist Assistant!

Powerful Features to Elevate Self-Checkout Experience

Discover the cutting-edge capabilities of Picklist Assistant, automating product identification and notifying discrepancies for seamless self-checkouts.

Automatic Product Identification

EasyFlow’s advanced platform automatically identifies scanned products like tomatoes, cucumbers, and baked goods, eliminating manual selection from customer picklists.

Discrepancy Notification

Our system promptly alerts store employees if any scanning discrepancies occur during the checkout process.


From handling 10 to over 10,000 products, EasyFlow’s Picklist Assistant adjusts to your retail needs.


How It Works?

Explore how Picklist Assistant utilizes Computer Vision and integrates with your Retail CRM and POS platforms, ensuring a smooth and secure self-checkout process.

Computer Vision and Video Analysis
EasyFlow utilizes Computer Vision object recognition and video analysis to inspect every scanned item.
Seamless Integration
Our platform effortlessly integrates with Retail CRM and POS systems, streamlining the checkout process.
Video Feed Usage
Utilizing video feeds from self-checkout POS platforms and video security cameras ensures accurate and secure data collection.
Discrepancy Notification
Instantly respond to any scanning discrepancies with timely notifications to your security officers.

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Experience the future of self-checkout efficiency with Picklist Assistant by EasyFlow.

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