Simplify Safety Compliance Across Multiple Worksites

PPE Inventory Management Solutions

Is managing your PPE inventory becoming a challenging task? Simplify the process and ensure safety compliance with our innovative PPE inventory management solutions. Say goodbye to stockouts, reduce administrative burden, and keep your workforce protected with ease.

Effortless PPE Inventory Tracking

Why Choose PPE Inventory Management?

Experience the ease of PPE inventory tracking with EasyFlow, the self-service SaaS platform designed to detect and manage specific PPE equipment, facilitating seamless compliance management across your company’s multiple worksites.

Automated Detection
Easily manage specific PPE inventory using our automated detection system tailored to your worksite’s needs.
Comprehensive PPE Categories
Add various PPE equipment categories, including hardhats, vests, glasses, gloves, footwear, and more, for seamless tracking.
Ideal for Multiple Worksites
Perfect for companies overseeing multiple worksites with diverse PPE requirements.
Custom Tasks and Reporting
Create custom tasks, events, and reporting tools, including automatic notifications for non-compliant workers.

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Ready to Simplify PPE Management Across Your Worksites?

Take the first step towards enhanced safety and compliance with EasyFlow PPE Inventory Management. Experience seamless inventory tracking and custom reporting for all your PPE equipment.

Key Features of Safety Gear Inventory Control

Enjoy real-time tracking, automated reordering, and customizable reporting tools for seamless management of your PPE equipment, ensuring optimal workplace safety and compliance.


Custom Tracking Zones

Define specific zones for monitoring designated PPE items, ensuring compliance across the worksite.


Integration with Automated Detection

Use alongside a PPE automated detection tool for enhanced efficiency.


Monitoring PPE Usage

Identify and monitor PPE usage in real-time, reducing the risk of non-compliance.


Web-Service Self-Service Platform

Accessible via a user-friendly web-service platform, making management hassle-free.

Elevate Safety and Compliance

Benefits of PPE Inventory Optimization

Experience improved safety compliance monitoring, streamlined multi-site management, and easy customization to support specific PPE requirements with EasyFlow PPE Inventory Management.

Ensuring PPE Compliance

Keep track of diverse equipment to ensure safety compliance at every worksite.

Streamlined Multi-Site Management

Effortlessly oversee multiple worksites with different PPE requirements.

Customizable Platform

Easily tailor the system to meet specific PPE inventory needs and reporting preferences.

Detailed Custom Reporting

Access detailed custom reports, optimizing PPE inventory management and workplace safety with EasyFlow’s user-friendly platform.

Experience Effortless PPE Inventory Management

Don’t let PPE shortages compromise workplace safety.

Contact our BDM Vėjūnė now to embrace our PPE inventory management solutions and take proactive control of your safety gear distribution.

Vejune Krasinskiene COO EasyFlow

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Chief Operating Officer

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