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Queue Management Solutions

EasyFlow’s intelligent Queue Management system provides real-time customer checkout analytics, measuring queue length, estimating average time-to-checkout, and tracking cart-abandonment rate. With predictive capabilities, retailers can optimize checkout staffing efficiently.

Seamless Checkouts, Delighted Customers

Benefits of Queue Management Solutions

Streamline your customer’s checkout journey, predict and manage queues efficiently, and optimize staff resources for enhanced customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Customer Experience
Improve customer satisfaction by avoiding lengthy queues with automated notifications and predictive insights.
Minimize Queue Formation
Proactively manage queues to ensure smooth checkout operations and reduced waiting times.
Optimized Staff Efficiency
Identify periods of cashier waste-time and efficiently allocate staff resources across the store.
Smart Shift Planning
Plan employee work shifts based on footfall prediction analytics, maximizing staff productivity.

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Improve Your Customer Checkout Experience

Maximize customer satisfaction and optimize staff resources. Contact us now to see how EasyFlow can transform your retail operations.

Efficient Queue Management Key Features

Measure real-time and historic checkout queue size, predict customer footfall, receive automated notifications, and maintain optimal staff resources.

Real-Time Queue Measurement

Real-time tracking of checkout line lengths, allowing for swift allocation of additional cashiers during peak times to minimize customer wait periods.

Predictive Footfall Analysis

Predictive Footfall Analysis tool identifies high-traffic zones within the store, enabling strategic placement of premium products to maximize sales opportunities.

Automated Queue Notifications

Automated alerts are sent to management when queue thresholds are reached, enabling dynamic response to customer flow and reducing wait times.

Efficient Staffing Optimization

Identify checkout understaffing and overstaffing situations for balanced staff resources.

Discover How It Works

Using in-store security cameras, EasyFlow monitors visitor footfall, sends proactive notifications, and provides analytics through a user-friendly SaaS interface.

EasyFlow utilizes in-store security cameras at the entrance and checkout area to monitor real-time visitor footfall.
Automated notifications alert employees about potential queue formations or checkout closures based on traffic fluctuations.
All analytics are done using video data alone, without the need for additional integrations with retail CRM or ERP. Access your insights through our SaaS self-service web interface.

Let’s Optimize Your Checkout Experience

Get in touch with our COO Vėjūnė to explore how EasyFlow queue management solution can elevate your customer checkout process.

Vejune Krasinskiene COO EasyFlow

Vėjūnė Krašinskienė
Chief Operating Officer

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