Empowering Your Business with Visual Intelligence

Computer Vision Consulting Services

Enhance your business with our expert computer vision consulting services, leveraging the power of visual intelligence for improved operations and decision-making.

The Power of Computer Vision

How Businesses Can Benefit from Computer Vision?

Businesses can benefit from Computer Vision by leveraging its advanced capabilities to automate processes, enhance security, gain valuable insights, and deliver innovative customer experiences.

Enhanced Efficiency
Automate repetitive tasks and processes, saving time and reducing human errors.
Improved Quality Control
Ensure consistent quality in production and manufacturing with real-time visual inspections.
Data-Driven Insights
Gain valuable insights from visual data, enabling data-driven decision-making and improved business strategies.
Reduced Costs
Streamline operations, reduce waste, and optimize resources with Computer Vision-driven automation.

Our Clients: EasyODM AI defects detection software scanwatch 2nd Largest Globally Parquet ManufacturerLeading Automotive Seats Manufacturer

Transform Your Business with Cutting-Edge Computer Vision Services!

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Dive Into Our Case Studies for Actionable Insights

Discover real-world examples of how EasyFlow’s Computer Vision services have empowered businesses across diverse industries to achieve remarkable results and take their operations to new heights.

Automotive Seats AI Quality Control EasyODM Case Study

Automotive Seats AI Quality Control: EasyODM Case Study

Machine Learning for Pre-surgical System Development Case Study EasyFlow and Orthobaltic

ML for Pre-surgical System Development: Orthobaltic Case Study

Improving Retail Checkouts with ScanWatch A Case Study

Improving Retail Checkouts: ScanWatch Case Study

Industries We Serve

We serve a broad spectrum of industries, leveraging our expertise to provide innovative solutions beyond the ones mentioned, unlocking new possibilities for businesses across various sectors.


Empower retail businesses with smart inventory management, customer behavior analysis, and streamlined checkout processes.


Enhance production efficiency and quality control by automating visual inspections and detecting defects in real-time.


Enable faster and more accurate diagnoses with Computer Vision’s medical imaging analysis and patient monitoring capabilities.


Enhance agricultural practices through crop monitoring, and yield prediction using advanced algorithms.


Optimize logistics and traffic management with Computer Vision-powered solutions for vehicle and pedestrian detection.

Security and Surveillance

Strengthen security measures by employing object detection and tracking for advanced surveillance systems.

Unlock the Visionary Future with Computer Vision Consulting Services

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Vejune Krasinskiene COO EasyFlow

Vėjūnė Krašinskienė
Chief Operating Officer

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