Prevent Checkout Losses

Empower Your Retail Business with Crime Predictor

Are you tired of checkout fraud impacting your retail business? Discover the cutting-edge solution, Crime Predictor, powered by EasyFlow’s MLOps services in collaboration with ScanWatch. Say goodbye to unintentional scanning errors and intentional fraud at your manned and self-checkout counters.

Introducing Crime Predictor

Benefits of Crime Prediction Solutions

Experience the power of Crime Predictor, the ultimate solution designed to combat checkout fraud and enhance security at your manned and self-checkout counters. Enjoy improved accuracy, cost savings, and seamless integration, making fraud prevention easier than ever.

Enhanced Security
Prevent losses from unintentional misscanning and detect checkout fraud in real-time, protecting your retail business.
Improved Accuracy
Crime Predictor’s visual inspection and cross-checking capabilities ensure accurate checkout processes, minimizing errors.
Cost Savings
Reduce the need for human oversight at self-checkout counters, optimizing operational efficiency and reducing labor costs.
Seamless Integration
Easily integrate Crime Predictor with your Retail CRM and POS platforms, enhancing your existing fraud prevention measures.

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Supercharge Your Retail Security with Crime Predictor

Don’t let checkout fraud impact your business. Experience the advanced security features of Crime Predictor and protect your revenue.

Key Features: Prevent Checkout Errors and Fraud

Ensure accurate and secure retail checkouts with Crime Predictor’s powerful features. Detect scanning errors and intentional fraud, and receive instant notifications to safeguard your business.

Visual Inspection for Accurate Checkouts

Crime Predictor visually inspects each scanned item at both manned and self-checkout counters. This advanced technology ensures that every product is accurately processed, minimizing scanning errors that can lead to financial losses.

Cross-Check with Barcode Images

To combat intentional fraud, Crime Predictor cross-checks scanned products with their corresponding barcode images. Any discrepancy between the scanned item and its barcode triggers an alert, allowing for swift action to prevent fraudulent activities.

Real-time Notifications for Proactive Response

Automatic notifications are sent to security officers whenever discrepancies are detected. This proactive approach empowers your team to take immediate action, thwarting potential checkout fraud before it impacts your revenue.

Powered by Advanced Technology

Crime Predictor harnesses cutting-edge Computer Vision object recognition and video analysis to inspect scanned items, guaranteeing precision and safeguarding against fraudulent activities.

Prevent Checkout Errors and Fraud with Crime Predictor Solution

Protect your retail business with Crime Predictor and experience seamless checkouts with enhanced security.

Contact our COO Vėjūnė to safeguard your customers’ trust and your profits with this cutting-edge solution.

Vejune Krasinskiene COO EasyFlow

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