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Some impressive numbers we have achieved implementing AI for our clients.

Faster than human labour
In defects reduction
Eur saved on avg. an. per client
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EasyFlow Core Capabilities

We specialize in a comprehensive range of core capabilities to help you harness the full power of AI for your business

Artificial Intelligence

Expert guidance in harnessing the power of AI for your business with tailored solutions and data-driven insights.

Artificial Intelligence 1
MLOps EasyFlow Solution


Streamline machine learning operations for efficient and scalable deployments, ensuring AI success.

Computer Vision

Unleash the potential of visual perception and automation with cutting-edge computer vision technology.

Computer Vision
Machine Learning 1

Machine Learning

Empower your business with data-driven decision-making and transformative growth through tailored ML solutions.

Unlock Your Business Potential With Expert AI Strategies

Experience the impact of AI-driven insights. Optimize operations, boost profits, and stay ahead of the competition. Get started today!

Our Clients Success Stories

Discover how businesses across industries have unlocked the potential of AI with EasyFlow.

Automotive Seats AI Quality Control EasyODM Case Study

Automotive Seats AI Quality Control: EasyODM Case Study

Machine Learning for Pre-surgical System Development Case Study EasyFlow and Orthobaltic

ML for Pre-surgical System Development: Orthobaltic Case Study

Improving Retail Checkouts with ScanWatch A Case Study

Improving Retail Checkouts: ScanWatch Case Study

Trusted Collaborations and Valued Relationships

We are honored to serve renowned industry leaders, delivering exceptional AI solutions and forming strong partnerships that drive success

EasyODM AI defects detection
EasyFlow network
orthobaltic 1
medIT cluster
salesforce portfolio for AI and Computer Vision powered solutions

Tailored AI Solutions for Your Success

EasyFlow offers a comprehensive suite of AI-powered solutions designed to address your specific business challenges. We empower your organization with the tools to unlock growth, efficiency, and innovation.

AI Visual Inspection
Boost quality control with precise AI-driven inspection.
AI-Powered PPE Detection
Elevate safety through AI-monitored PPE.
Vertical Farming Optimization
Grow more with efficient AI-guided farming.
Automated Aerial Inspection
Automate precision aerial checks with advanced AI.
PPE Inventory Management
Real-time PPE tracking for streamlined inventory.
AI Warehouse Management System
Strengthen warehouse efficiency using AI.
Retail Crime Predictor
Stop retail crime with AI-powered pattern analysis.
Picklist Assistant
Boost order picking speed and accuracy with AI aid.
Queue Management
Optimize queues and elevate customer satisfaction with AI.
Shelf Performance Analytics
Optimize product placement using AI-driven data.
Food Recognition API
Classify food items accurately with AI technology.

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