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We transform the physical world into an actionable dataset

EasyFlow works with video data analysis to quantify what happens in the real world. By harnessing Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence, at EasyFlow we turn real world data into actionable business insights. EasyFlow is an AI product development spinoff from a leading Baltic software developer Agmis.

Quantify the real world

Measure physical world actions as if looking at a digital analytics dashboard


Count the uncountable

Quantify things that are ‘uncountable’ in traditional human sense due to sheer quantity of data

Ensure constant monitoring

Apply to actions that require constant 24/7 monitoring at all times

Utilize existing infrastructure

Requires only a video/images feed (e.g. from video security cameras) for analysis

Quick To market

Available as Software-as-a-Service for fast deployment

Our services

We develop Computer Vision applications for retail, construction and aerodiagnostics industries.

Our projects

PPE detection at a construction site

PPE Detection

EasyFlow real-time PPE detection platform identifies hardhats, high visibility vests, protective gloves, eyewear and other required PPE equipment. The platform increases worksite safety in high-risk environments such as construction, manufacturing, warehousing and industrial sites.


EasyFlow PPE detection operates as always on 24/7 constant monitoring service to ensure compliance at all times. If a PPE policy incident is detected, the platform automatically notifies the security officer on duty and provides the corresponding video footage.


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solutions that help retailers to increase efficiency, reduce redundancies, optimize processes and identify business bottlenecks

Out of Shelf Analytics

EasyFlow out-of-shelf analytics provide near real time information on product stock levels and can alert employees when restocking is required.

Retailers rely on employees to monitor shelf stock levels throughout the day. Fast moving consumer goods – such as dairy products or bread – are named for a reason: they just fly off the shelves! Sales promotion campaigns can also require more frequent restocking.


By monitoring stock at a shelf level and providing automated notifications, EasyFlow out-of-stock monitoring removes all the guesswork from the restocking process.


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EasyFlow works with video data analysis to quantify what happens in the real world

Aerial Object Detection

EasyFlow provides software frameworks to identify and classify objects in aerial footage shot by an UAV. Aerial inspection is a quick and cost-conscious way to inspect large areas and identify objects of interest.


EasyFlow works with third-party drone operators and provides analysis and reporting services.


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