New AI Gym Motion Tracking Solution Aims to Defeat Your Inner Sloth

With New Year’s resolutions in place, in January gyms were bustling with new members. Every gym owner knows that this enthusiasm is quick to wear off. New AI fitness motion tracking solution VPixel Fitness by technology company AGMIS aims to improve gym member experience, reduce the risk of injuries, assist in work of gym trainers and add a gamification level to retain members.

“According to research 50% of new members drop-out due to lack of knowledge how to workout correctly. This can lead to exercise related injuries and overall dissatisfaction with gym experience – especially in the early months of the year trainers are swamped with work and cannot attend to every gym member” – notes Head of VPixel Fitness Product Development Simas Jokubauskas.

VPixel Fitness tracks movement of gym members as they exercise. The solution monitors if the exercises are performed correctly. If not, the platform can send an alert to the personal trainer that a member requires assistance. It also measures the workout efficiency, duration and activity levels of individual members during their gym visit. Based on these parameters over time the platform can predict which members are likely to cancel their gym membership and perhaps require extra encouragement from a personal trainer. It also tracks member progress and gives feedback to the gym member via a smartphone app. VPixel Fitness tracks movement of gym members as they exercise.

“Our mission is to enhance the fitness experience for gym members by leveraging the power of visual and digital technologies. Firstly, the VPixel monitors gym members if the exercises are performed correctly and sends out alerts to trainers to reduce risk of injury. Secondly, it can predict the likelihood of the member quitting based on his activity and workout performances. Thirdly, it gamifies gym experience by providing motivational feedback to gym member directly via a smartphone app” – notes Simas Jokubauskas.

For motion tracking VPixel Fitness utilizes regular video cameras keeping initial investment at a minimum. The platform employs Convolutional Neural Networks to train itself, make predictions and improve precision as it intakes more data. The platform deploys as Software as a Service (Saas). Solution is also fully compliant with European GDPR requirements as the user data is fully anonymized.

VPixel Fitness is currently in public alpha version and pilot version of the solution will be launched with a selected numbers of sports clubs.

“We provide a highly customizable framework which can be adapted to an individual gym club. Perhaps virtual monitoring is required only for the weights sections of the gym where the risk of injuries is highest. Or a club specializes in training athletes with specialized exercises which require constant tracking. Maybe the club only requires a notification system for trainers what members require their attention. All these specifics can be taken into account when creating the platform for an individual gym” – says Simas Jokubauskas.

If you would like to enroll your gym into the public alpha phase for the solution, please contact us.

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