Glass Bottle Quality Inspection

Glass Bottle Quality Inspection

Save time and protect Your quality standards

Food packaging quality control has to comply with extremely high standards, as long as it has a direct impact on human health. When scaling, defects are difficult to spot manually. Employing AI versus human inspection can bring 30x cost savings, eliminate human bottlenecks and result in significant tact time reductions.


Our AI specialists with the highest competencies have developed a glass bottle quality inspection system that will save 40% of employees’ time.

glass botle quality inspection

We will adjust to your production flow

Depending on what kind of raw material quality control is needed, we will train the system model to recognize the defects that are relevant to your case. It could be the crack, faulty welding or anything else.

Use cases

Faulty painting


Faulty joint

Why us?



We adapt to your infrastructure and adjust functionalities to your wokflow.



Our glass bottle quality inspection system divides the entire area into regions and does not leave a single millimeter of material unreviewed.



Defects are identified within 0,5 seconds.


We take pride in the simplicity and efficiency of the system that frees up your employees, saves costs and ensures your brand reputation due to excellent quality control practices.


All of this possible with Easyflow artificial intelligence glass bottle quality control software. 

works with any video monitoring hardware and software

non-intrusive installation - does not require any changes to your production lines

our experts carefully analyze your needs and asses the situation to offer optimal methods

custom algorithms are created and employed on to the system alerts and reports are custom made to best fit your needs and way of work

If You care about quality as much as we do, reach out and we will make impossible – possible!


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