Machine Learning and Healthcare

Machine Learning and Healthcare

Machine Learning for Pre-surgical System Development

Together with Ortho Baltic, EasyFlow developed an automated data-driven model to streamline the production of patient-specific implants.


Implant development begins with a Computer Tomography (CT) image. CT scans are also employed in pre-surgery planning to identify anatomical landmarks and clinical reference points for implantation. Yet CT images feature significant noise from metal artifacts – such as dental or other implants.


By harnessing AI and Computer Vision, the company aimed to automate the reconstruction of personalized 3D anatomical models from radiological data, as well as automate 3D model cleansing and determination of clinical reference points.


Our experience: advancements in prosthetics production

Previously these tasks were performed by qualified engineers. A significant amount of time, skill and effort is required to ‘clean up’ the CT image from artifacts and mark anatomical features for implant production or surgery. On average it takes 3 hours for a skilled specialist to clean a single 3D case. There is also a significant deviation in anatomical feature marking accuracy by trained personnel. 


This model could exceed the precision of human specialists, also offering vast time savings. With our software, the 3-hour manual task could be completed in 45-60 seconds


The model data feeds into MICE (Medical Implants Customization Engine) software, which is used for preoperative planning. After laying the groundwork, the EasyFlow model was delivered to Ortho Baltic in-house R&D team for further development.

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AI for pre-surgical system: challenging yet rewarding

“It was a high-complexity project, as we dealt with real medical data which in many cases had pathologies. The data itself was complex and required a lot of preprocessing to be prepared for analysis. Our team’s expertise and dedication helped Ortho Baltic to jump-start this innovative project and contribute towards improved patient care

Simas Jokubauskas, CEO of EasyFlow


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We trust in AI and Healthcare partnerships

We belong to MedIT association which specializes in the design, build, and management of high-performance and innovative solutions. By combining up-to-date hardware and software components with a range of customized professional services, MedIT helps its customers to create top-quality, efficient, and reliable solutions.

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About our partners


Launched in 2001, Ortho Baltic is one of the largest orthopedic device manufacturers in Europe. A true global player – Ortho Baltic export network spans the European Union, as well as the Middle East and Australia. The company prides itself on R&D capabilities, continuously launching new products. Ortho Baltic aims to become a leader in Industry 4.0 in the mass production of individually tailored medical devices.

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